Headley Clay Pigeon FAQ’s

What are your prices going to be  for Season 2022?                                                                                                                                                                                        25 Compak Sporting: Members £12.00 –  Guests £17.00
25 Down The Line: Members      £12.00 – Guests £17.00

English Sporting 60 birds 10 stands: Members £25.00 –   Guests £35.00

English Sporting 100 birds 10 stands: Members £35.00 – Guests £40.00 

Membership  £125.00 per year. Only available from the club shop.

Do you require any paperwork from me?
Yes we insist on license holders presenting their certificates at the desk when visiting the club.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque and all major credit cards.

Can we purchase food and drink on the grounds?
We supply food and hot drinks all day with the compliments of the club. We have fresh sandwiches and bacon rolls in the morning followed by Effie’s Gourmet burgers & Greek salads for lunch. We also sell canned drinks and chocolates.

I’m booked in for tuition, will I be in a big group?  Definitely not! We only teach in very small groups generally no bigger than 5. Many “shooting experiences” on the internet will mean you are in a group of up to 20 with one or two instructors. At Headley we believe the way for you to move forward on your shooting journey is to receive tailor made coaching. The only part of your experience shared with a bigger group will be your initial safety briefing.

My kids really want to have a go. How old do they have to be?
CPSA guidelines recommend a minimum age of 10. Children under 10 are welcome to accompany you although they MUST wear hearing protection at all times. Children under ten will receive hearing protection with our compliments.

Can I buy ammunition and accessories at the club?
Yes, we have a well stocked clubhouse selling everything from cleaning kits and oils to skeet vests and jackets. We are also main stockists for Hull and Fiocchi.

Plastic or Felt?
Either is fine although shot sizes exceeding 28 grammes are strictly forbidden!

I’m a novice & it’s my first time here, won’t I feel a little out of place?
At Headley we pride ourselves on customer service. You will be warmly welcomed with typical Greek Cypriot hospitality!

Can we shoot on days other than those specified on your “SHOOT DATES” section?
No. We are goverened by a 28 day ruling imposed on many clubs around the UK. The fixtures on Shoot Dates are the only days we will shoot without exception.       I

I need to cancel my booking at the last minute, can I rebook for another fixture?                                                                                                                                 You can rebook although we do employ a 24 hour cancellation policy on all tutorials and bookings. Unfortunately  you will lose your slot and any money paid if you do not let us know by 10am on the Friday morning before the fixture, of your intent to cancel.

Is the path down to the shoot too bumpy for my sports car!?
Possibly… The path is quite bumpy although many cars use it without a problem. If you have a particularly low sided vehicle or you are in any way concerned for the safety of your car then please park in the top tier of the Cock Inn pub and walk down to the shoot. Its a 5 minute stroll. Please ensure that you leave a note in the windscreen letting the pub know that you are shooting with us. The pub is shoot friendly and great for a drink after your round! If you need a lift down call Phil on 07831 879200 and we will arrange for you to be picked up.

Can you cater for groups?
Yes, we can comfortably cater for up to 20 friends or colleagues regardless of their shooting ability. We have held numerous corporate and celebratory parties and are proud to include Sony Music Entertainment & Universal Studios as previous clients.

The weather report isn’t looking good for this Saturday. Are you still shooting?                                                                                                                          Yes, we shoot in all weathers unless absolutely treacherous. in 29 years we have only cancelled three shoots due to weather.

Is it safe?
Yes. Shooting sports are one of the safest sports you can be involved with, in fact one of the safest sports in the UK.

What are your opening hours?
First shot is at 10am sharp. Last sporting card 2pm. Last compak card at 2.30pm. Last DTL card also at 2.30pm. Last shot at 3pm sharp.

What’s the postcode for my satnav?
KT18 6LP will get you to the top of the track that leads to the shoot. We are in between Broome Close and the village shop on Church Lane. There is NO access via the “Rectory” track.